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Seven Angels in the Midst

I love life, I love me, I love my children, I love my grandchildren, I love my friends, why what’s not to love in this beautiful life.  Okay there are things that are not lovely but we are not going to visit or give attention to them. Where attention goes energy flows. We are here for a good time not a bad time

Angels are among us. Those earth angels and those in the midst. Have you felt the warm breeze for no reason or a feather land beside you from out of the blue. A whisper that sounds or a fragrance that smells like someone you once knew. And then those Angels that are messengers of God. His helpers so to speak.

First and foremost….we don’t pray to angels or idolize them

God and Jesus are our go to for our prayers of deep gratitude and guidance. 

Thee Angels below however represent an aspect of God and like asking a friend along for the ride they are more than happy to come along.

  1. Michael – He who is like God, strength and light – going on a trip anywhere, know Michael is beside for strength,
  2. Gabriel – God’s messenger – finding words conveying truth – answering questions on a test, speech presentation, nurturing 
  3. Uriel- Light of God – intellect..focus your mind, insight about a topic, communication with others, regain peace of mind
  4. Raphael – God Heals – healing help, feeling unwell ..a healing angel
  5. Chamuel – He Who sees God – looking for something..where did I put my keys?
  6. Jophiel – Beauty and of my favorites..what shall I wear today..listen and let go.. the Feng Shui Angel..rearranging, decluttering
  7. Raguel – Friend of God – relationships including the one with yourself

God is love, and HIs loves fills my soul. God is peace, and his peace filled my mind and body. God is perfect health, and His health is my health. God is joy, and His joy is my joy, and I feel wonderful.